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Results Driven Facials

Bristol's Environ & Medik8 Specialists

pamperbanana understands the ever increasing demand for results driven skin solutions using modern technologies and science.

Skin problems are commonplace and can be caused by UV radiation, pollution, stress and free radical damage. Our total fast-track treatments and products will restore youthful radiance to those whom are concerned with ageing and anyone suffering from acne-rosacea or other problematical skin conditions. We have teamed up with Environ and Medik8 to put the most effective treatments and products in place to cover all areas of concern with measurable differences in just one session.

pamperbananas expert mix of cosmeceutical treatments combined with high-tech systems, create a facial regime specifically designed for you to deal with your needs and concerns, to give you the ultimate in personalised skincare with noticeable, effective, long term results with Environ and Medik8.  

With all Environ electrical stimulation treatments, it will be necessary to undertake a medical questionnaire to determine suitability before treatment, as it is possible that some health conditions may contra-indicate having this type of facial. However, if this is the case, then other non- electrical cosmeceutical treatments, such as Medik8 will be recommended.

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Retail and Giftpamperbanana offers a wide range of beauty products and gifts, to provide our clients with a comprehensive aftercare service along with inventive and luxury gift ideas.

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